"Revealed -- how to INCREASE THE FLOW OF ABUNDANCE IN ALL AREAS of your life... Inner and Outer...

We all want more money…. We want to know how
to create a larger financial flow of wealth into our
lives. Simply put… It starts within!!




From the Desk of Mary A Hall

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Jennifer McLean about Mary's coaching program

I have put together a very special coaching program to help you finally, once and for all, create your abundant life.

In this coaching program you will find out that...

What creates WEALTH in your life is the same foundation that creates SELF WORTH. The same thing that creates wonderful RELATIONSHIPS in your life is the same foundation of SELF WORTH

If you don't see it now, by the time you are done with this coaching program you will be able to clearly define how these foundational ways of being effect everything in your life.

If you are truly ready to alter the course of your life in a
profound way then you will not want to miss this.

    In this program your will learn the foundational patterns for SUCCESS in all areas of your life.

    You will be given tools and techniques to jump start your SUCCESS.

    You will know what it FEELS like to BE SUCCESSFUL.

    Imagine the gratitude in your heart feeling the mastery of abundance gained from joining this Coaching-Mentoring Group.

Part of this program is to create agreements with yourself, so with that in mind  let's start here... "Yes, I want to take my abundance to a whole new level: I'm ready to take off but don't know how to get there: and I am ready to release any remaining anchors and finding the new energy imprint of that next level (creating a daily energy imprint that I listen to)." With this commitment you have already started the shifts.

Now in order to join my program, I have a few prerequisite for my coaching students:

  • Are you teachable?
  • Are you ready to learn tools to transform you way of being?
  • Are you willing to shed your old (current) beliefs and your old (current) ways of being?
  • Are you ready to daily put into practice living a more loving, free, successful life?
  • Are you ready to become your abundant self in every area of your life… money, relationships, and most of all, your self-worth?
  • Are you ready to create a new relationship with YOU?

If you have answered yes to these questions?... Then (feel this in your heart) YOU are ready, and this is for you.

Things you will learn:

  • To identify and clear internal blocks to the flow of abundance in your life
  • Clearing the blocks and creating a foundation for abundance
  • Not working at it to do something or get something done -it's the practice of play an receiving that builds the foundation
  • Identifying and releasing and clearing blocks to abundance
  • Understanding False Beliefs, Trauma, Stuck Energy and Physical Symptoms
  • Releasing fear and upset around present finances and/or past decisions
  • Releasing the energy around your debt
  • Creating a Financial Fitness "Plan of Play"
  • Financial Fitness, working and playing with the energy- like getting in shape with the energy of financial abundance.
  • Daily abundance workouts: Establishing daily energy exercises for tapping into and creating abundance.
  • Freeing your inner essence to receive
  • Building the internal foundation of abundance practices
  • The power of the conscious and subconscious mind...

Imagine understanding how the Conscious and Subconscious Minds work in relationship to Wealth and Abundance.... With this understanding learn to create a blueprint for wealth. Together we will empower you to build your own platform for abundance.

Building the PLATFORM actually creates the energy of abundance, allowing flow and delivering true Wealth, Creativity and Success

What does this platform or blueprint contain and look like?
==> Feeling Safe, Feeling Free, Feeling Confident, Feeling Abundant, and Feeling you are worthy to have good things come into your life.

Who is Mary A. Hall, passionate Healer?
With her own H.E.A.R.T and L.E.T. systems of healing, and she is a renowned E.F.T. specialist. Mary incorporates these modalities when working with clients. She is a life empowering "coach" that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective, into health. Her versatility is one of the key ingredients to her success--that, combined with her remarkable ability to quickly hone in on the subtle energies and the core issues allows her to guide clients gently and in a focused way to release blocks and therefore attain their desired goals.

Mary's perceptions and understanding of the energetic system is profound and intuitive. In fact she has used this intuitive gift to define a new healing paradigm called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique) that imbues an energy healing session with the primary essence of love energy creating a field of new possibilities to shift tissue, cells and beliefs into a new form. well as her  L.E.T. Mary is going to use her many modalities to help guide you through any obstacles to the resolve what you need to achieve your dreams

Tools for Wealth and YOUR success

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Mary works with clients using E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) a system of healing invented by Gary Craig that uses energy meridian points to heal the body of emotional trauma. It opens the up the soul to flow, health and well being.

Mary is a gifted E.F.T. specialist and is renowned for her unique application of the techniques. Her deep felt sense of core issues percolating beneath the surface allows her access to an expression of E.F.T. healing that delivers amazing results.

L.E.T (Life Empowering Technique)

L.E.T. is a new proprietary system Mary has developed that helps clients to discover newfound energy, happiness and fulfillment. This simple technique when used regularly keeps you on your path and effortlessly focused on your dreams and achievements. The subtle healing that occurs in the background contributes to an overall feeling of well being and peace, opening you up to the flow of good rushing toward you.


Moving deep into the Body Mary helps to create a new vibrational blueprint and "tell a new story" about old patterns. This new story erases the old blocks and beliefs and creates a new vibration and expands levels of flow.

H.E.A.R.T. & HeartThoughts

Mary has discovered an energy healing system that leverages the pure healing energy of "love" called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique). Through this system Mary is able to access the pure and primary essence of love energy. She can then guide this energy into her client's blocks, dis-ease, pain and dysfunction to create a new field of possibilities, enabling tissues, cells and beliefs to shift into a new form. HeartThoughts are part of this energy creating phrases that stimulate the H.E.A.R.T. energy

Plus Many Many More Mary offers many more tools, tips and techniques that she will be sharing throughout the coaching program.


"I found your work quite profound and realize you have a true gift for cutting through to the heart of an issue.  You are very intuitive and your loving presence creates a genuine healing field." ~ Alison

"Mary, Your work is amazing! I’ve made such huge shifts with your gentle, powerful work. I truly feel acceptance and unconditional love from you – you don’t know how much I appreciate you! My transformation is amazing and due in a very large part to our work together! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" ~ Maureen

"Mary, Thank you so much for all the wonderful sessions that brought amazing awareness and increased energy into my life. I would have never linked my lack of physical energy to stuck emotions; and the results were astoundingly fast. I am still in awe of the things that you helped me uncover." ~ Martiz

"Mary, I wanted to thank you again for helping me get started on my path to enlightenment/abundance. I have continued to use EFT and the other tools to help me with my quest. I wake up happy and ready to face the day and every challenge it brings. I’m enjoying almost every moment of the day soon to be every moment."  ~ Doug

"Mary, I enjoyed our sessions tremendously. It was such a treat to work with you on so many core issues and stay in such a sacred space of love and connection. As a practitioner myself, I could really appreciate how tuned in you were. Whenever I would veer off or lose focus, you brought me right back, made it safe and always took the energy to the highest level of truth with abundant insight and compassion. It touched my heart and supported my work in so many ways." ~Ronette

"Mary, I just wanted to thank you and let you know what a difference the sessions with you have made in my life. Before our first call I was waking up in the middle of the night stressed out. I was in a place of fear and desperation and unhappy in my career. Working with you has helped me release some unconscious beliefs that I didn't even realize affected my career. I am now able to see the things that are "right" about my current role and in seeing the things that are "right" I know that I will draw more of what is "right" to me. Although my intention is still to create a job more suited to me I can honestly say I'm more happy and content where I am now. Through working with you I know I am able to create/manifest this new role from a place of peace and powerfulness which is a completely different place than I was in when I first called you. Once again Thank you so much!" ~ Jennifer

"Mary, I loved our sessions over the phone revealing so many wonderful things.  It was uncanny how you zeroed in on the issues underlying the blocks I'd created.  And once there, gently, and with great skill, led me through the emotional process to release.  I was very touched by you compassion and wisdom.  Your lightness of being and playfulness allowed there to be FUN as well, and we laughed.  By the end of the session I could tangibly feel the difference in my field and knew I was freed.  Thank you" ~ Wendy

"I am someone who utilizes EFT whenever possible with myself and loved ones and have listened and learned from some very talented EFT practitioners. But I have to say that Mary Hall just blows me away! She is amazing!! This was a wonderful experience!" ~ Rosemary

Sign Up Now...


JUST my billable hours applied to this program would be $2000,THEN you also receive the invaluable group energy and the weekly accountability that come with each coaching session, plus the bonus items (see below). The value is immeasurable. I am offering this remarkable program at just $447.

If you where to investigate and look at other coaching programs and you'll see prices like $2000  or $795... most of those are for 6 weeks programs. Remember this program is for EIGHT WEEKS of unprecedented directed coaching time.

You will likely make this entire investment back during the course of the program!

$1997, $897 JUST $647


Through this program, you will daily spend time in Your PLAN to PLAY to increase your abundance. In doing so you are accessing what is ready to be released and using the tools, techniques and practices to get to the heart of the obstacles to find, discover and embrace a new way of being.


To sweeten the experience I am going to include my special HeartThoughts audio (Value $57). I created this powerful clearing and healing product to be used daily to help you to find that profound place of peace, calm and love to help you with every aspect of your life. This little audio can change your life.

You will ALSO receive my renowned Daily HEART meditation (Value $47). I had been guided to create this unique audio meditation designed to start your day off in perfect flow and magnificence ensuring you are the perfect magnet for all you want each day. This meditation is imbued with special healing energies from my H.E.A.R.T (Heart Energy Activation, Resonance Technique) you can feel as soon as you start to listen. This is available to you as my gift to help you achieve your goals each day.


Dates:                  8 weeks. June 15 through to August 3.

Day:                     Monday's

Time:                   5:30 PM pacific time (If you can't make this time there are
                            recordings of each call so you will never miss a thing)

Length:                90 minutes each call

Hours per week:  3 hours per week (weekly call plus homework to implement your

Recordings:         You will have access to class recordings, in fact listening to these
                             more than once will be part of the homework. They will include
                             experiences and techniques you will be able to reference back to                              for years and years. You can use these recordings as an ongoing
                             refresher program as your wealth evolves to new levels.

YES Mary I am ready to increase the flow of abundance in all areas of my life, sign me up for this amazing eight week coaching mentoring program, just for $477 (PLUS bonuses)!


In love and Blessings,


P.S. I will be there for your throughout this process, there is no turning back we will achieve remarkable things together!

P.S.S. When you are done I guarantee you will more than be able to pay for this program.

OK Mary, I am in sign me up to discover my true self worth and abundance!


www.healthandhealingconnections.com   La Habra California      mary@maryahall.com